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Parking Guidance Systems

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What is Parking Guidance Systems?

In cities, large scale car parks with hundred/thousands of spaces are more and more common along with the increasing population of vehicles; however, still very often people have headache parking cars. Listed some facts about parking:

1. It’s very hard to find a parking space during busy hours;

2. There are parking space available but you just can’t find them easily;

3. There are no more parking space but you have to drive around to find out;

4. Parking management has no idea about occupancy of their facilities;

5. Traffic congestion & toxic emission;

6. Impatient drivers…

As an ultimate solution to the above problems, Parkeasy Parking Guidance System (PGS) has been specially designed based on Ultrasonic detection and RS485 communication technology. The concept of the system is to pinpoint unoccupied parking space and lead drivers to park in no time.

How does it help?

Ultrasonic Sensor and Bay Indicator are installed to each and every parking space to monitor and indicate their occupancy status; when the sensor detects no car, the related indicator illuminates Green/Blue color; when the sensor detects a car, the related indicator illuminates Red color;

By telling drivers how many parking spaces are available before their entry to the parking and which direction to take in order to find one afterwards, we make parking a very simple and comfortable experience for them.

In a parking equipped with Parkeasy PGS, drivers can find a space within the shortest time; even if there’s only one last parking space available, they will be guided there fast and effortlessly.

What is the ROI of Parking Guidance System?

Parkeasy PGS benefits drivers, parking manager as well as the society, the ROI mainly includes the following:

1.  Minimize driving time while looking for space

2. Improve parking experience/customer satisfaction

3. Maximize usage rate of parking space/profitability

4. Improve public image of parking facility

5. Reduce energy waste & toxic emission

6. Reduce management costs
We are professional Parking Guidance System manufacturer in China, we also can supply you Bay Indicators for your Intelligent Parking Systems, wish can help you!

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